11 Things that every girl wants a guy to know

Girls always like their man to be the one who can easily read their mind. They hate it when they have to explain every little thing to them. So, we have round up some 11 things which every girl wanted the guy to know.

  1. Girls love it when you secretly put your arms around her shoulder. They will never show it but you can see that smile on their face the moment you do that.

  1. Girls are always looking for men who are rough and tough but that doesn’t mean that they expect you to be superman. All they are expecting you to be there with them through the thick and thin. So that they can count on or can have your back.
  2. Whenever you make a girl feel special she feels on top of the world. So don’t hesitate when you have to surprise her with flowers. If she is far away from you in a foreign land, fret not, make that extra effort of getting a flower delivery in Singapore.

  1. They know it very well when you aren’t listening. So be a little cautious, either tell them directly or they should be smart enough to hide it secretly.
  2. Trust me hugs are more important than kisses. They are more comforting and make her feel that you truly love her.

  1. If you are planning to pick up the right gift for the girl it is important that you should understand that we prefer the gift that holds more meaning than a gift which holds a bigger price tag.

  1. Girls don’t like to show off and they prefer you to be yourself. It is best to not to pretend in front of her because the more you pretend the more she feels that you are a jerk.
  2. The worst thing to do is to disrespect her. Treat her with all the male chivalry that is required.
  3. Whenever she gets upset, it is important to hold her in your arms and tell her that everything will be fine even if she is convinced that it wouldn’t be.

  1. The fact that you might leave her can actually give her sleepless nights. So it is best to tell her sometimes that you love her and appreciate her too.
  2. Girls will move mountains, just to make sure that they can steal some time so that they can spend it with you.

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