Your Mercedes-Benz Won’t Start? Here’s A Quick Troubleshooting Guide


It is frustrating and stressful to find yourself stuck in a parking lot or in the middle of the road because your Mercedes-Benz suddenly just died. Car trouble of any sort is always a hassle for any driver. The only comfort you can take to this problem is that everyone goes through them. It doesn’t matter what car you drive, you will most likely experience car troubles at least once in your life.

For those who are proudly driving their Mercedes-Benz, but have on one occasion experienced trouble, it may be time to get your precious Mercedes checked. There might be some Mercedes parts that require replacing or you’re just due to tuning up. Either way, here’s a handy troubleshooting guide that might help the next time you find yourself stuck with a car that won’t start.

1. Battery Age And Charge

An old battery, even an original one will bring with it a lot of electrical issues and you will eventually find your Mercedes-Benz malfunctioning. The first thing to check when your car won’t start is the battery’s age. All batteries must be changed the moment they reach 6 or 7 years old. Let that battery retire, it has done its job well.

Another aspect of your battery to check if it’s not too old yet is its charge. A low charge may not have the capability to power your car properly. These two problems are easily remedied. Simply change or charge the battery and you’ll be cruising away in no time.

2. Problems With The Fuel System

First of all, check that there’s fuel in the tank. If your tank is full and your car still won’t start there might be a problem with the fuel filter. Most common issues are clogged, frayed, and unmaintained filters. A quick change of fuel filter might just solve your problem. If it’s not the filter that’s causing you trouble, it might be a complication in the fuel pump and its relay system. In these cases, you might need new Mercedes parts and an expert to install them.

3. Trouble With The Starter Motor

Over time your car’s starter motor can become defective due to constant wear and tear. This can be one of the reasons why you Mercedes-Benz will no longer start. To check on the starter motor, start with its connecting starter fuse. The biggest indication that the starter motor is damaged is when the starter fuse is blown away. The starter does this to protect the circuit from extensive damage.

4. A Bad Spark

A very simple reason why a car won’t start could be due to a damaged spark plug which needs replacing. If the spark plug turns out to be the only reason for your car woes, you are in luck. Tools to test the spark and its replacement are very cheap and can easily be done at home.

Don’t wait until the very last minute to get your Mercedes-Benz checked by a professional. Replace all the Mercedes parts that are worn out or damaged immediately. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere just because you ignored a broken spark plug.
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