Female Models:


There are varieties of advanced hair systemsfor women offered by New Lacecu. Through these methods, women can get rid of the embarrassment of hair loss. These techniques include:


Microline is one of the method in which extensions are being attached upon the natural survivor hair without removing those natural hair. Microline is sticked to the scalp with the help of clips or keratin by our hair experts.

Silk System:

Silk system is much similar with Microline. In this technique, there is no need of shaving survivor hair of clients and can be attached ahead those hair.

Total System in Lace:

In this method, extensions are attached to total hair of the person, covering all sides of head. This technique is suitable for the girls who want to change the color of their natural hair, or the people who had chemotherapy or such kind of hair transplant surgery.

Wig with Front in Lace:

Front in Lace is one of the cheaper method of hair prosthesis by our brand. In this method, our experts work on the front hair customers with natural human hair extensions and rest of the hair material is made by machine.

Wig without need of Glue:

In this method there is no need of Glue or tape to stick the hair extensions. These wigs can also be attached to any side of head as desired.

Suction Cap Female Total Prosthesis:

This technique by New Lacecu doesn’t require Glue or tapes. Basically it is a handmade cap by our professionals to cover your hair loss and baldness.

Total System with Synthetic Hair:

Synthesis hairs are generated by machines and are available in different colors, shades, lengths, styles and textures. We generate Synthetic hair of best quality so the use of hair dryers or other hair accessories do not harm them.


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