Cambodia Vietnam 14 Day Tour

If you are looking for a new place to explore this season and want to have a splendid vacation, then the Cambodia Vietnam destination is perfectly the very best for you to enjoy and get thrilled right now. There are a lot of aspects of the tour and the splendid place that will get you going to have the most exotic and the most beautiful vacation ever. Viet Bamboo Travel is the best way to choose this destination in Vietnam because they being the local providers of the destination for years now definitely know the land personally and more than anybody else in the market.


There are lots of other tours that can also help you select from the most amazing destinations. The duration of these destinations has also been made relevant according to what different categories of people may ask, want, or suit to them as well. The main highlights of the 14 day tour are given below while you can find the perfect details and the fully planned and schedule itinerary from Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour 14 Days page.

Main highlights of the 14-day tour:

  • You start with your arrival at Siem Reap
  • The next day you can have a city tour of Siem Reap
  • Siem Reap tour is also extended to have an overview of the Phnom Penh area
  • The next day has a full detailed city tour of Phnom Penh
  • Saigon is the most beautiful place that you visit the whole next day
  • There are lots of attractions in Saigon like the Cao Dai Temple, Cu Chi Tunnel etc that you enjoy the next day as well
  • Saigon is so full of places so you have the next day to explore the Da Nang and Hoi An area on your 7th day of the tour
  • Hue is also a place that you would love to experience in Hoi An
  • Hanoi is the next destination in Hue that you enjoy along with great temptations
  • The Halong Bay along Hanoi is also a perfectly splendid eye opener
  • The 11th day has the Vientiane’s beauty to mesmerize you all the way
  • Even the Luang Prabang area is definitely to be explored
  • The Pak Ou caves are the final place we make sure you don’t miss
  • You have your departure from Luang Prabang with a heart full of awesome memories


You can also find other details and such tours at Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel. There are many exclusive options that are available to all people who travel with them. They offer the following things in the included package:

  • Tickets
  • Entry fees of all parks, museums, cruises, and other stuff
  • Indicated breakfast, lunch and even dinners
  • Welcome drinks
  • Private and comfortable train transits from one place to another
  • Perfectly included stay at hotels
  • All time language translator and guide for extra added enjoyment

Hence, looking at the above facilities, this tour seems to be one of the best tours of all that will take you on a much enjoyable, memorable, as well as comfortable ride.

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