Discover the many paths to Irish citizenship if you are British

The negative fall-out and uncertainty created by the vote to leave the European Union continues unabated. If you hold a British passport, then your right to live and travel freely within the EU will soon be at an end. This right is essential to your livelihood. You must possess a passport that allows you the freedom to go in and out of the EU when you want. The best way to retain this right is to get Irish citizenship.

You may, until recently, have taken for granted your right to work and travel as you have been would go on forever. That time is over. You now need to start thinking of ways of retaining that right. Irish citizenship might be your answer.

Applying for Irish citizenship is pretty straightforward. Thousands of British citizens have already done so since the summer. And many of those applications have been approved. The requirements for Irish citizenship are as follows: you have been living and working in Ireland, you are married to someone in Ireland or the EEA and living there, your parents were born in Ireland, your grandparents were born in Ireland; it is also possible to claim Irish citizenship through recent ancestry.

You may have distant relations and relatives who were Irish. So, proving your direct connection to a recent Irish ancestor may not be as difficult as you think. The other ways of getting an Irish passport are pretty straightforward. The Irish immigration authorities are aware of the realities of Brexit and the desire for many British citizens to get citizenship in an EU country. They have not been unwelcoming toward this sudden surge. Nevertheless, rules are rules. You must still go through the proper procedures if you are to get your citizenship.

That is why working with a trained professional is so important. You should work with a experts who possess the knowledge, skill, ability, and experience to help you get your paperwork and documentation in order. The last thing you want is to be denied citizenship because of a minor oversight.

Retaining your EU citizenship is a necessity for you. You cannot work and live without the rights and privileges it confers. Getting Irish citizenship is an act of self-preservation. It is an action you must take to keep what you have spent years accumulating.

If you are someone in business or involved in academia, the need to travel and at times stay for long periods in different European countries may be necessary for your advancement. You should not have to give up all this up. It isn’t fair and it isn’t right. Getting Irish citizenship will make it so that EU citizenship rights are preserved and protected. While it is true that Irish authorities are not making any unnecessary obstacles for British citizens, they still demand that things are done properly. You don’t want to get your paperwork rejected because of a minor oversight or mistake. Working with a professional can help you get citizenship in a way that is relatively stress-free.

All is not over if you are a British citizen who need to live and work in the European Union. Learn how applying for Irish citizenship can help you preserve your rights.

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