Everything you want to know about Ibiza Island


Ibiza is one of the most interesting places to visit. It is the Mediterranean holiday island which consists of more than 70 awesome beaches and flawless beauty of nature. Theplace also includes historical places like churches, windmills, courtyards, and towers.

Many cultural and traditional festivals take place in Ibiza, which enhances the beauty of theplace with the traditional musical functions, costumes and various forms of dances. The place is best and ideal for outing. When you enter this place, you will get the perfect combination of nature, historical, and enjoyment. The placeis blessed with countless charms.

Clubbers app

Clubbers app helps to provide thousands of families and tourists a complete guide to visiting the best place Ibiza. The Ibiza guide will let you explore the place completely. You will be able to discover all the historical places like

  • The 7 watch towers
  • Threebiggates of Ibiza and the most famousentrance of Tablasgate
  • The top city which is famous because of its historical reason D`Alt Vila
  • The Punic cemeterywas known as Puin Des Molins
  • The first settlement Sa Caleta

If you will visit the place in summer or spring, then there is a lot more to visit. The placeis enriched with thousands of blessings and consist of natural beauty. Nature is protected and preserved in its naturalcondition which becomes the main reason of many tourists and visitors.

Ibiza Hotels

We help you to provide thebest guide and also facilitate you to book one of the best Ibiza hotels. It contains one of the best hotels so that you can enjoy your holiday break in the best possible way. All the hotels and apartments in Ibiza are situated near the beaches which provide the best view as well as an opportunity to its tourists to enjoy the sea breeze and have the experience of thedifferentholiday. They are all in low budget and are located out of the central city.

The places attract many people every year from around the world, and it is the best place for summer holidays to visit.


Ibiza provides many other facilities to its tourists. They can join many wellness and health clubs and participate in thousands of events and competitions. Many musical concerts and other eventshelp to spend a lovely holiday. The excellent food, the awesome and calming environment and many eventsfacilitate tourists in every possible manner.

Clubbers app provides a completeIbiza guide to every single place, hotel, and restaurant in Ibiza. It is our responsibility to guide every guest from other country and make sure they will visit the completeIbiza.


You will be able to find historic places, Ibiza hotels, spas and every type of apartment in your budget. Ibiza is a worth visiting and provides several places to visit which suits your tastes as well as your budget. So book your ticket now and leave rest to Clubbers app. We will help you to explore Ibiza.



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