How to Prepare For Dental Implants Surgery In Toronto And What To Expect


If you are planning to have dental implants Toronto, you need to prepare for yourself for the surgery. Placement of dental implants is a very technical and complicated process performed by a team of highly-trained dental experts.

Here are some handy tips so you can prepare well prior to your dental implants surgery:

1. Find Out What Will Happen

Dental implant surgery will involve replacement of the roots of your teeth and the attachment of new crowns to these roots. Your new set of artificial teeth should function and look like real teeth. Dental implants can be a good option if you do not prefer to wear denture or have bridgework that do not fit well.

How the surgery will be performed will depend on the kind of implant to be used and the condition of your gums and jawbone. The process will not be a one-step procedure but expect several procedures before you see that smile on your face again.

Do not be afraid to ask your dentist or doctor about anything related to the procedure. Of course, like any other surgery, there are risks involved and only the professionals can explain them to you and help you weigh your options.

You should inform your team of doctors about medical conditions that you have. You also need to disclose what medications you are taking from prescription medicines, over the counter drugs you are taking, and even supplements you are using.

Likewise, you need to let your doctors know about heart conditions and any orthopedic implants you have.

2. Comprehensive Dental Examination

Your dentist will subject you to a very thorough dental examination to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants Toronto. Expect to have numerous dental X-rays and models of your mouth and teeth made.

3. Treatment Plan

Your team of dental experts will craft a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your condition. Dentists and surgeons will consider everything from the condition of your jawbone, the health of your gums, your age, your dental implant preferences among others.

The team normally consists of a doctor who is an expert in conditions of the human mouth, face and jaw, and a dentist who specializes in creating structures that can support your teeth.

During the procedure, doctors will use anesthesia to control pain. It can either be local or general anesthesia and it will be best to discuss with your doctor what the best option is.

Before The Surgery, your dental specialist will instruct you about drinking and eating depending on the anesthesia that will be used. If you opt for general anesthesia, it will be best to arrange someone to drive for you when you are discharged post surgery.

4. Ask About Potential Complications

While you cross your fingers that everything will be okay, it is best to be prepared for the worst. Ask your doctors about possible problems and complications you might encounter after your dental implant surgery.

Some issues encountered by patients include bone loss occurring around dental implants, rejection of dental implants, and infection around the bone and gums where implants were placed.

Know what things to expect and what to do prior to your dental implants Toronto procedure. Call us today and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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