Milk Thistle – drug interactions



Milk thistle is a plant which is known for its herbal properties. It is helpful in acting as a medicine for various problems in relation to liver and gallbladder. It’s been more than 2000 years that this plant is used to treat such conditions of liver etc. It has various herbal properties like it can act as an anti-diabetic, Reno protective, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, Hepatoprotective, antioxidant etc. Intake of this medicine doesn’t generally cause any side effects, however if taken with other medicines it may react. Hence one must be careful before taking these supplements and should consult the doctor. Many reports and experts have suggested that even the intake of this supplement for about 3.5 years will not cause any side effects. Thereby it is a safe medicine which can also be taken at high dosages. It helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity and also in lowering the cholesterol.

Advantage and Disadvantages:

  • Advantages: Its helps in increasing the immunity in a body and thus helps immune system. It helps in treating liver conditions and also acts as a protective shield. It has several anti-cancer effects. It is shown in the market to generally suppress the makers of Adipogenic.
  • Disadvantages: It may interact with other medicines and cause health problems. It may also cause vomiting, stomach discomfort, Nausea

Milk thistle is a natural treatment and thus has very less disadvantages when compared to the advantages. But it is known that it can interact with a number of drugs, when taken along with certain drugs.

Milk Thistle Drug Interactions:

The intake of the supplement can interact with the other drugs and cause several effects like the:

  • Interaction with Cytochrome Substrate Medications: Milk thistle can react with the drug Cytochrome Substrate Medications and cause several serious reactions. Due to this the level of drug in the body may be increased and then reduced in the blood. This may lead to several serious reactions in the body.
  • Diabetes Medications: One needs to be very careful while taking milk thistle along with any diabetic medicine as this may lead to lowering the blood glucose level. This is due to the substance present in the milk thistle i.e. the hypolipidemic (lipid-lowering) and hypoglycemic (blood-sugar-lowering). In case one is thinking about consuming milk thistle then the other medical dosages needs to be changed accordingly.
  • Drug Interaction Warnings: There may be other drug interactions too when this medicine is taken alongside with the medicines that are used to treat any heart problem, skin problem, treating cancer, stomach health, hormone imbalance, anxiety, treating alcohol consumption etc. This medicine helps in boosting the functioning of liver and detoxifying it. It also helps in liver regeneration and protection from various types of toxins.

The dosage of intake of this medicine would depend upon the person’s gender, weight, age, exercise level, other health history. The USFDA doesn’t intend to regulate the herbal supplements nor provides any guarantee to these medicines. Thus one can take this medicine without any doubt.


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