IJOY Genie PD270 234W TC Kit

Everything about IJOY Genie PD270 234W TC Kit is just right. This is the e –cigarette that transforms your smoking experience for a much relaxed feeling. This is also an easy to operate device for an enjoyable vaping experience. Here is a look at some of the outstanding features that make IJOY Genie PD270 234W TC Kit stand out.


The IJOY Genie PD270 234W TC Kit adopts a curved and ergonomic design that will fit any user’s preference. It fits perfectly into your hand and feels comfortable to hold. The design is also pocket able and light making is easy to carry around. The personalization aspect added to this device is something that has surprised and fascinated many.

To add to its great design are the leather stickers. This mod has some leather sticker that come with a variety of patterns. The IJOY Genie PD270 Kit  will also capture your attention with its appealing tank. This is something both beginners and experienced vapers will like.


You will love the RGB light. It has five colors to add class to your vaping experience. It also has 2 RGB personalized color settings so that users can have their different requirements fully catered for. IJOY Genie PD270 234W TC Kit will always stand out with its digital color separation technique. This normally presents users with a bright color and a more comfortable vaping experience.

The other bright spot in the vapor cigarette collection is the LED flashlight function. This is located in the battery door and produces a strong light that can also be used as flashlight when it’s dark. This means nothing can stop you from using your IJOY Genie PD270.


The fact that the IJOY Genie PD270 is powered by dual 20700 batteries and also compatible with 18650 batteries makes it one of the most powerful vaping devices in the market. It also has a 234W chipset of IWEPAL. There are other parts that make this device perform flawlessly. They include: TCR function, NI/TI/SS temperature control, Quad Magnetic Back Battery Access Door, Firmware Upgradeable and USB port charging support. It works best with 30mm tanks.

The atomizer is divided into different parts like the top cap, delrin drip tip, tube coil head, chamber and pyrex tube. The drip tip is wide enough to deliver that massive cloud of vaping smokers love. There is no oil leakage thanks to the sliding top. It is also quite easy to fill the e-liquid into the tank.

It is important to note that the IJOY Genie PD270 tank has a large and groove chassis to be able to house a large battery and also reduce the heat transfer. This ensures that users enjoy the smoothest airflow ever and an improved pleasure taste.

Added to the tank is a pyrex tube that’s designed to resist heat. If you are the type of a vaper that wants to smoke the whole day, the IJOY Genie PD270 234W TC Kit is what you need as the tank can accommodate up to 4ml of e-juice.

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