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It was a bloody conflict. It was a war that claimed more American lives than all other wars put together. Over half-a-million Americans perished in the Civil War. Four years of unrelenting slaughter led to the re-birth of the nation—a nation that was no longer half-slave and half-free, a nation was forever transformed by the fire of a violent struggle that pitted not only citizens but whole families against one another.

For better or worse the Civil War also led to the brief existence of a new nation. The states that went into rebellion against the government of the United States formed their own union. They established a new capital, new laws, a new army, and a new monetary system. confederate money was used as legal tender in the Confederate States of America. It circulated throughout the states and territories claimed by that entity. The money was printed in a volume sufficient enough to have left plenty in existence after Lee’s surrender.

Any collector of Civil War memorabilia cannot do without some of the choicest bits of confederate paper and coin. As a collector you know the rush, the raw power, of touching and holding an item that was part of a significant moment in history. To get your hands on Confederate money can easily transport you back, in your mind, to the time of the great conflict itself.

It may be possible that the note that you hold could have been in the hands of a private in the Confederate army. It may have been used by a small farmer to buy feed for his livestock. The currency could have even been in the hands of one of the statesmen of the Confederacy or one of the storied generals who led their men against Union forces at incredible odds.

Each piece of currency that you collect has an individual story that comes with it. But the larger story of the Confederate States is one that will always come to you every time you look at.

There has been a boon lately in Confederate money as the effort to collect the loose artifacts from that period that were scattered just after it has gained steam and become an industry of its own. Massive amounts of various little artifacts are now being hunted for and gathered into specialty stores for purchase by collectors like yourself. A great many experts have been employed to verify the authenticity of such items so you do not have to worry about getting a fake.

If you have a serious interest in the war between the states and all that happened during that time, you cannot afford to be without such collectibles. They will make a fine part of your collection, and you will not regret the moment you saw them at a shop and decided to make the purchase.

Going online is the best way to find a shop that offers such memorabilia. It will make the entire process of looking for, verifying, and purchasing artifacts a great deal easier.
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